Lord I love you

Verse 1 (Solo)
I am looking over my life, and I realise
I wouldn’t have made it without you.
I would have fallen.
Your grace and mercy Lord,
They kept me.
That is why I say Lord I love you.

Lord I love you
You are holy.
Lord I thank you
You are Faithful. (x2)

Verse 2 (Solo)
The valley of the shadow of death.
I am not afraid of all evil.
It shall not come nigh me.
Your rod and your staff,
They do comfort me.
And I will dwell in your house forever.

{Chorus Inverted x2}

Bridge (Solo)
Lord we have seen your hand of redemption.
We can testify of your works.
We have travailed and we have prevailed.
And we have overcome.
The devil is defeated.

{Chorus 2nd Inversion x2}

You are holy x4
You are worthy x4 (Inverted)
You are faithful x4 (2nd Inversion)

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